These are generally used in ‘Smile Make-Over’ cases, where aesthetics are the primary concern. A Veneer is made of a very thin layer of Porcelain that is bonded by an adhesive (Dental Glue) to a tooth, a little bit like a ‘false finger nail’.

Why Chose a Veneer?

A veneer is the least invasive way to change the colour, size or shape of a tooth.Veneers generally only involve the removal of minimal tooth substance (unlike a Crown which involves removing much more).

Smile-Make Overs:

This type of treatment is a delicate balance between "Art and Dentistry".

If patients wish to transform the look of their teeth in a radical way, multiple teeth may need to be veneered, ften 6 to 8 front teeth. Prior to treatment photographs, shade and bite registration is carried out, and sometimes a laborotary fabrication of final finish is produced so that patient can see the proposed "Smile-Make over".

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